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We would like to be part of your journey on the way to becoming flight attendant or steward. As one of the most respected cabin crew training schools in the world, we can help you make your dreams come true!

Prepare for an exciting career and travel the world, while being trained at the world’s most awarded school INFOHAS.

Where do I begin?

Knowledge of the cabin crew career is our best advice!

All successful and exciting trips start with a plan!

We encourage everyone to make sure they have the knowledge they need and that is what our expertise provides.

The courses in our programs have been specifically designed to provide first-class knowledge to those who wish to enter the world of aviation. We also encourage our students to contact airlines and find out who is hiring and what their hiring criteria are.

Indeed, many factors play a role in whether you become a flight attendant or steward. Besides, personality, as well as customer service ability and experience, knowledge and insight, are essential to your success. The Infohas Institute is here to give you that knowledge.

It is a fact that airlines are looking for the following qualities in their flight attendant and steward recruits: customer service, good communication skills, teamwork attitude, conscientiousness, confidence. If you have these qualities and want to fly …

Become an air hostess and steward, ground hostess, maritime host, maritime hostess, or tourism hostess in Morocco with the Infohas Institute

We provide :

First and foremost, we offer you unique, high-quality, easy-to-follow training manuals and hundreds of multimedia files to enhance your knowledge and learning experience.

Infohas offers the first and most comprehensive accredited training program for flight attendants and stewards that is fully approved for use by airlines!

Become a flight attendant with our training and follow your dreams!

Our strenghts

First, INFOHAS Institute has developed programs that meet the regulatory standards set by ICAO – one of the world’s most stringent aviation regulators.

Second, airlines that are members of our Competence Center have a significant advantage in selecting pre-qualified candidates from the Institute. Indeed, this will significantly improve the quality of their candidates while reducing classroom training time, saving them time and money.


First of all, all airlines have different hiring criteria. The INFOHAS Institute’s “Online Registration Form” and on-site pre-registration test will tell you if you have any limitations that might prevent you from being hired by an airline.

Therefore, having qualifications to be flight attendant varies from one airline to another. For example, age restrictions vary by airline and country of origin. We have successfully had students from 17 to 30 years old.


The INFOHAS Training Institute in Rabat, Morocco, is dedicated to preparing individuals interested in becoming flight attendants.

In the competitive world of aviation, having an edge is crucial. An accredited diploma from our institute can provide that advantage.

In conclusion, many airlines receive thousands of flight attendant applications per month. Make sure you stand out with an accredited diploma from Infohas! Airlines that are members of our skills centre require all students to have it. But, if you’re serious about becoming a flight attendant, you can increase your chances of success with an Infohas accredited diploma.

Métiers de l'aérien

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Many airlines are looking for a maturity and a life experience in their candidates. Your experience, accompanied by a diploma from the Infohas Institute, could be your ticket to fly and do what you have always dreamed of.