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Flight attendant training in Morocco

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Welcome to the website of Infohas Institute, a fully accredited private training institution founded in 1996 in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. We train young candidates to integrate into the national and international labour market in the fields of civil aviation and hospitality as Air Hostess, Steward, Ground Hostess and Maritime host and hostess. The Institute as well is certified by the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority. To this day thousands of flight attendants and stewards are our graduates working for the major international companies.

Our Training Institute for Airline and Tourism Professionals in Rabat is proud of its achievements and the international and national recognition of its graduates’ flight attendants and stewards since its creation in 1996.

The Institute plays a significant role in the professional integration of talented people in the aviation and hospitality sectors in Morocco and the world.

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flight attendants

The flight secrets revealed: why cabin crew adopt a particular posture and position when boarding the passengers. Flight Attendants have many tasks on board because each airline


Flight attendant job

Flight attendant job : Flight Attendants represent the largest job categories in the airline industry. In the United States alone, airlines currently employs approximately 80,000 flight attendants, and hire almost 15,000 more each year. A [...]

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What’s Flying as a Flight Attendant Really Like?

What’s Flying as a Flight Attendant Really looks Like? Flying can be one of the most rewarding career choices you could make. It will give you satisfaction within a broad range of experiences simply through the sheer number of people you meet and the number of places you will visit.

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