formation hôtesse de l'air

Cabin crew training in Morocco

Air Hostess training: on the one hand, becoming a “flight attendant” or steward is the dream of many young girls. On the other hand, this profession is the object of fascination for all women because of the image it projects. Indeed, the work of a stewardess is often associated with travel around the world, her uniform, elegance and luxury. On the other hand, this job has its hidden side and its requirements that deserve to take into account before committing oneself to it.

Therefore, the most important responsibility of an Air Hostess is to assist passengers in an emergency. This responsibility ranges from taking care of passengers in need of first aid to firefighting, protecting the cockpit and initiating an emergency evacuation of the aircraft in 90 seconds. Flight attendants also answer questions about the flight, attend to passengers with special needs and generally assist all passengers.

The Training Objectives

In keeping with the overall goals of hostess and steward training, our training programs aim to :

1-In the first place, to make our students effective in the practice of the profession of Air Hostess and steward:

  • In addition to enabling our trainees to perform properly with acceptable performance at the threshold of entry into the job market, and the tasks and activities inherent to the profession;
  • Therefore, to enable our graduates to evolve adequately in a work environment through a solid foundation (knowledge, technical skills, general culture, communication, problem-solving and decision-making abilities, constant concern for safety and security, etc.).

2- Also, to help ensure the integration of our Graduates into professional life :

  • On the one hand, to make them aware of the regulations, their rights and responsibilities within the company.
  • And on the other hand to enable them to prepare for the mandatory certification requirements.

3- Besides, to promote the evolution and deepening of professional knowledge in each trainee:

  • First of all, to allow our trainees to develop their autonomy and their ability to learn and acquire working methods.
  • Then allow them to understand the principles underlying the techniques and procedures used.
  • But also to train them to develop their expression, creativity and initiative.
  • Finally, to delegate them to acquire the attitudes essential to their professional success, as well as to have a sense of responsibility and a commitment to excellence.

4- In addition to ensuring the professional mobility of the individual :

  • First of all, develop positive attitudes towards change.
  • Second, develop the ability to become informed.
  • Finally, prepare them for a dynamic job search.

The Training assets

Above all, to bring to our students a versatile professional training and a technician level in aviation and hospitality:

  • In aviation, management and customer relations, marketing and sales.
  • In the fields of aviation, tourism, travel, airlines and hotels.

Duration of the training of Air hostess and steward

Authorizations: 15 months at the institute + 3 months internship training period or a possible direct hiring.

  • During the training, internship or possible hiring in a company with additional training, to better understand the different professional fields.

The Training advantages

  • Certainly to allows students to obtain international professional training as Air Hostess and stewards.
  • Moreover, to provide practical instruction, allowing students to be immediately operational.
  • In addition, to offer trainees a technical qualification and a various choice of integration in the aviation and hospitality fields.
  • In fact INFOHAS is authorized by the Ministry of Vocational Training under n ° 4/07/1997.
  • Institute is fully accredited by the Ministry of education and  Vocational Training.
  • Also, the school is officially approved by the Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Gulf Countries as well by the Moroccan civil aviation authority.
  • Besides, the Institute is officially appointed as a recruitment agent by several international companies.

Our Training Facilities

  • Cabin Mockup.
  • Evacuation Mockup.
  • Fire Fighting Mockup.
  • Aircraft Simulator.
  • Visit in a virtual plane etc…
  • Video, DVD, LCD, overhead projector …
  • Laboratory of languages and computer science.
  • Emergency evacuation doors and slides Mockup.


The Training is provided by an experienced, qualified and serious flight personnel:

  •  English Professors
  •  First Aid Instructor
  •  Safety Instructor
  •  Hotel Business and Maintenance Instructor
  •  Steward
  •  Stewardess
  • Pilots

The training Modules :

  • Regulations
  • General English and English for cabin crew.
  • Aviation  Regulations.
  • Safety.
  • First Aid.
  • Practice: cabin, fires, slides, etc…
  • Swimming Test
  • Type Rating (Boeing, Airbus).
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Crm
  • Survival


  • Catering and service aboard
  • Communication Techniques
  • The etiquette
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Reception/Greets
  • Ticketing
  • Psychology
  • Inflight Sales

Accredited Diploma.

The accredited diploma is issue to candidates after passing the final exam. Therefore, the theoretical and practical tests organize according to the standards required by the International Civil Aviation organizations.

  • Firstly, the theory of Air Safety and Rescue, First Aid and On-Board Service.
  • Then the practice in safety and rescue, first aid and service on board.
  • Finally, swimming, pool and sea exercise which includes freestyle swimming and towing using life jackets.