Chief Purser

Chief Purser and what job they do? The profession of Chief purser: A Flight Attendant or a steward, because of his seniority, can become a Chief Purser. It is the evolution of the job. Chief Purser Responsibilities A chief purser is responsible for the Flight Attendants and Stewards. He or she is responsible for supervising the [...]

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Cabin crew job how to get it?

Each airline is unique and may, therefore, be looking for different traits in the flight attendant, airport service agent and lounge hostess candidate; that this is a physical appearance or a personality type. However, the universal role of the flight attendant (cabin crew) is the same regardless of the airline.

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Flight attendant job

Flight attendant job : Flight Attendants represent the largest job categories in the airline industry. In the United States alone, airlines currently employs approximately 80,000 flight attendants, and hire almost 15,000 more each year. A Flight Attendant job position is one of the most coveted and desired in the travel business. One of the best [...]

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What’s Flying as a Flight Attendant Really Like?

What’s Flying as a Flight Attendant Really looks Like? Flying can be one of the most rewarding career choices you could make. It will give you satisfaction within a broad range of experiences simply through the sheer number of people you meet and the number of places you will visit.

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Career Coach : How to Crack a Flight Attendant Job Interview

Career coach : A career as a flight attendant is one of the most glamorous jobs you can ever land, and let's not forget all the fun and world travel too! Individuals looking to joining the crew of some of the most prestigious airlines sometimes may not know where to start, and end up going for interview

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Flight attendant interview-The Rules of the Game

Flight attendant interview : The Objective of an Airline Interview While it is recognised that every airline will structure their interviews differently, and they will certainly have their own particular questions to ask,

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Aircraft the basis

Aircraft the basis : Aircraft are flown, strangely enough, by pilots – normally two of them seated side­by­side with the captain seated on the left of the aircraft in what is referred to as the cockpit or flight deck. The captain wears four gold bars on his or her epaulets. The First Officer seated at [...]

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