Flight attendant job

Flight Attendants represent the largest job categories in the airline industry. In the United States alone, airlines currently employs approximately 80,000 flight attendants, and hire almost 15,000 more each year. A Flight Attendant job position is one of the most coveted and desired in the travel business. One of the best ways to break into [...]

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What’s Flying as a Flight Attendant Really Like?

Flying can be one of the most rewarding career choices you could make. It will give you satisfaction within a broad range of experiences simply through the sheer number of people you meet and the number of places you will visit. There is no substitute for what travel can give you. The good, the bad [...]

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Challenging job

Most of the people has a view that it is an exciting job.however, it’s in fact, a physically and mentally tough job. Flight Attendants are not simply glorified waitresses- rather they’re there to supply passengers with security throughout the journey moreover, a comfortable flight. They need to undergo rigorous training periods to be able of [...]

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Flight attendant interview-The Rules of the Game

The Objective of an Airline Interview While it is recognised that every airline will structure their interviews differently, and they will certainly have their own particular questions to ask, what is consistent about interviews throughout the industry is their objectives. The Airlines objective is to select the most ideal person to fulfill the position of [...]

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Aircraft the basis

Aircraft are flown, strangely enough, by pilots – normally two of them seated side­by­side with the captain seated on the left of the aircraft in what is referred to as the cockpit or flight deck. The captain wears four gold bars on his or her epaulets. The First Officer seated at his right wears three [...]

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Phases of Flight

1. Pre-departure. This is the preparation time for flight. The pilots will commence with a walk around of the aircraft, which is a visual inspection of the entire outside of the aircraft to check for any abnormality such as an oil leak, tire wear or damaged control surfaces, etc. They will then program all of [...]

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The Principles of Flight

So what makes an aeroplane fly? There are four forces that act on an aircraft in flight, and when you understand these, the mystery, although still a marvel to many, will be lifted. The forces are: 1. Lift; 2. Weight or gravity; 3. Thrust; and 4. Drag. Lift is the force that opposes weight or [...]

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The Boeing 747

Introducing the Boeing 747 This first airplane of this type was first brought into service as the 747-100/SR/B and had its first flight on the 09/02/1969. The first customer, Pan Am took delivery of this magnificent aircraft on the 13/12/1969. The last delivery of the 747-100/SR/B was to Japan Air lines in 1986. 747-400 series  [...]

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Aircraft Stability and Control

Stability Aircraft are designed so that they are inherently stable. This means that when a properly balanced aircraft is ‘trimmed for flight,’ it will fly straight and level without needing to hold onto the controls. An aircraft, if not properly balanced, can be either too stable or too unstable. This can cause catastrophic control problems [...]

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