Chief Purser and what job they do?

The profession of Chief purser: A Flight Attendant or a steward, because of his seniority, can become a Chief Purser. It is the evolution of the job.

Chief Purser Responsibilities

A chief purser is responsible for the Flight Attendants and Stewards. He or she is responsible for supervising the supply of the aircraft’s meal trays, the proper functioning of the equipment on board the plane and the relational aspect with the passengers. He must be very rigorous, organized and ensure the smooth running of the trip.

Just like other Flight Attendants, he must look good and master several languages, he is the showcase of the airline and is in direct contact with the passengers. Because of his experience and seniority within the company, he is in charge of solving the problems faced by inexperienced Stewards and Flight Attendants.

However, suppose a Chief purser changes airlines. In that case, he will find himself at the bottom of the ladder, i.e. Stewardess or Steward until he proves himself and acquires the seniority necessary for the job of Chef de Cabine in his new airline. It’s a tiring and stressful job, with many hours of flying per month and the time differences that follow.

He must also be in good physical condition; a Chief Purser spends most of the trip standing up. It is mainly a supervisory job. He generally takes care of first-class or brand name passengers. It reflects the airline company of this fact his behaviour must be irreproachable. He must also be patient and attentive with the so-called “difficult” passengers.

The training to become a Cabin Crew Chief is the same as that to become a Steward or Flight Attendant; it is the seniority that changes the status of the latter into a Cabin Crew Chief. He is in direct contact with the Captain, the passengers and the cabin crew members.