Thank you for your enrollment form

We thank you for sending us your application form, we will review it as soon as possible, if you have the prerequisites, we will contact you within one week from the date of sending your request to invite you to complete the required documents to take a pre-selection test.

If one of our staff contacts you to give you the date of the test, please bring a small photo and your national identity card.

Do not hesitate to call us from Monday to Friday for more information on the following numbers:

0537 -762025 or 0537-661763

If you would like to have more information personally, we invite you to visit us in our registration offices as soon as possible at the following address:


Private accredited flight training Institute

15 Rue Demnate Hassan – Rabat nearby the hotel of Diwan and the capital clinic.

We will be delighted to count you among our students, and later as one of our many graduates to join our thousands of graduates who currently work as Air hostesses, stewards, ground hostesses and hosts for the world’s most prestigious airlines.


This is not a summons; please do not print it.