The flight secrets revealed: why cabin crew adopt a particular posture and position when boarding the passengers. Flight Attendants have many tasks on board because each airline imposes strict rules on how to work and behave.

In addition to serving snacks, meals, skies sales and informing passengers about the flight, cabin crews are very busy throughout the flight. Their most important working behaviour, however, is to ensure the safety of all on board.

There are many aspects to crew training, starting with simple actions such as providing baby seat belts to restrict movement during the critical phases of the flight and to go further by managing an in-flight emergency, such as a fire on board or if an aircraft crash occurs.

Mainly, their emergency training not demonstrated on a daily basis, but they always carry out safety tasks before boarding the passengers. However, you have already wondered why the flight attendant always keeps his hands behind his back as you board the plane?

flight attendants

If you have already travelled by plane, you may have noticed this iconic image when flight attendants (board agent) occupy the post at the entrance of the aircraft while welcoming the passengers,

However, the question is why? As usual, this question has a simple but unknown answer mostly for travellers and outsiders. What the flight attendant had in their hand is just a manual click meter that they use to count the number of passengers entering the plane to try to match the number to the passenger list in the documentation.

Once all passengers are aboard the aircraft and have taken their place, flight attendants will conduct a second check to ensure that the same number of passengers that have checked at the gate show their boarding pass.

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