Challenging job as cabin crew. Most of the people has a view that it is an exciting job.however, it’s in fact, a physically and mentally tough job.
Flight Attendants are not simply glorified waitresses- rather they’re there to supply passengers with security throughout the journey moreover, a comfortable flight.
They need to undergo rigorous training periods to be able of  handling any dangerous or unexpected situation, which would take place during a flight.
It is conjointly a awfully competitive trade to induce into, as additional folks are choosing to apply, however, there’s currently a far longer tenure of current flight attendants. Most people at different ages are choosing this career.
When you are fascinated with a profession as a steward – take a look at your perspective! Does one have what it takes? Attitude is the whole lot once applying for a position in airline,and they are able to appear carefully at your attitude and temperament to ascertain if you’ve got the passion, flexibility, ability and stamina to deal with such employment. whether or not it is throughout the airport terminal or on scheduled flight, or on the way to figure, once you are wearing the flight attendant uniform – you are representing the company and your team.