Teamwork deserves special mention because whilst you will have individual duties, every time you go to work you perform those duties as a member of a new team. Very often it will be with a crew that you don’t know, especially if you work for a large company. The crew is headed by the captain, and sometimes you will have several new crews in a tour of duty.

It is therefore, imperative that you can develop rapport quickly with anyone at virtually the drop of a hat. Not only is this important for a customer service perspective but imperative from a safety aspect, as well.

While the mechanics of the flight attendant role are quantifiable, teamwork within the flight attendant role is very much about being a people person with a high work ethos. You must like people and be a truly dedicated hard worker!

Note: This can mean you will be able to appropriately deal with a crying baby that has air sickness at 3 am; a crew member that, on the surface, you have no similarities with; or a workday that has gone long past duty sign-off due to delays.

Further, a team is headed by a leader, and therefore, the ability to give and receive instructions to both older and younger crew members is a daily occurrence. Doing more than your job description is a constant demand and reflects favorably on the whole crew and complements your own standard of excellence in customer service.

Author: Cabin crew training Institute