The Boeing 747 : Introducing the Boeing 747

This first airplane of this type was first brought into service as the 747-100/SR/B and had its first flight on the 09/02/1969.

The first customer, Pan Am took delivery of this magnificent aircraft on the 13/12/1969.

The last delivery of the 747-100/SR/B was to Japan Air lines in 1986.

747-400 series 

Did you know?

This aircraft stands as high as a six story building at the top of its tail plane. (Over 19 metres). It has 18 landing gear tyres two of which are on the nose gear.

The aircraft has in the vicinity of 6 million parts, with enough wiring to circle 685 laps of a 400 metre sports oval.

It uses the equivalent weight of 60 to 70 average sized cars/automobiles in high strength aluminum for its construction.

The wing area is large enough to park 180 motor cycles with more than 524m squared and weighs the equivalent of more than 550 people.

An average person could stand in the engine cowling with their arms above their head and still not touch the top of the cowling.

According to Boeing the total 747 aircraft fleet has traveled the equivalent distance of 74,000 return trips to the moon and has carried more the half of the world’s population on a flight to somewhere in the world!

Statistical operating facts for the Boeing 747-400ER

�   Seat capacity 416 to 524

�   Fuel max 241,241lts

�   MTOW 412,775kg

�   Max range 14,205Km

�   Typical cruise speed 912km

�   Wing span 64.4mts

�   Length 70.7 mts

Crew number: 16-20 depending on operation and configuration