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Phases of Flight

Phases of Flight : 1. Pre-departure. This is the preparation time for flight. The pilots will commence with a walk around of the aircraft, which is a visual inspection of the entire outside of the aircraft to check for any abnormality such as an oil leak, tire wear or damaged control surfaces, etc. They will [...]

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The Principles of Flight

The Principles of Flight : So what makes an aeroplane fly? There are four forces that act on an aircraft in flight, and when you understand these, the mystery, although still a marvel to many, will be lifted. The forces are: 1. Lift; 2. Weight or gravity; 3. Thrust; and 4. Drag. Lift is the [...]

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The Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 : Introducing the Boeing 747 This first airplane of this type was first brought into service as the 747-100/SR/B and had its first flight on the 09/02/1969. The first customer, Pan Am took delivery of this magnificent aircraft on the 13/12/1969. The last delivery of the 747-100/SR/B was to Japan Air lines [...]

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Aircraft Stability and Control

Aircraft Stability and Control : Stability Aircraft are designed so that they are inherently stable. This means that when a properly balanced aircraft is ‘trimmed for flight,’ it will fly straight and level without needing to hold onto the controls. An aircraft, if not properly balanced, can be either too stable or too unstable. This [...]

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