What are the opportunities to grow in this business career?

Flight attendants can evolve according to their own motivation and ambition. Each member making the correct effort, respecting safety measurement and the companies’ policies, will evolve as Head of Cabin crew, first class, business-class cabin crewmember, Instructor, or even continue his studies as an airline pilot, etc. Meet with INFOHAS team at 15 Rue Demnate [...]

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Good reasons to start your training at INFOHAS.

The cabin crew training Institute ‘INFOHAS’ provides a complete training. We are providing our students with latest educational training methods, resources and technologies for working in a high-performance environment; furthermore, an experienced high-qualified teaching team will train you. INFOHAS is not just a private accredited school, but also a partner in your success, [...]

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What is an accredited degree?

An accredited degree is recognised for meeting specific educational standards, which have been set by an accrediting agency or Ministry. Choosing an accredited degree ensures its acceptance by other recognized institutions and organizations worldwide, as well by potential employers.

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What is a cabin crew?

Cabin crew is an alternative term of a flight attendant, which commonly used in aviation language that emphasizes the commercial role of an airline flight attendant. The cabin crew, whose primary mission is to ensure the safety of aircraft and their occupants, must extend its vision of the subject and incorporate the concept of participatory [...]

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